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Gabion Boxes

Gabion is a double twisted wire mesh container of variable size, uniformly partitioned into internal cells, interconnected with other similar units and filled with the stone at the project site to form flexible, monolithic structures such as retaining walls, sea walls, channel linings, revetments, and wires for erosion control projects.

Gabions are available in two types of coatings:

Zinc Coating
PVC Coating (Used in highly corrosive environment)

Mesh Size available: 100mm X 120mm
80mm X 100mm
60mm X 80mm
50mm X 70mm

Advantages of gabion boxes

Gabions have a number of advantages over other types of construction materials, particularly for installations on unstable foundations.

The gabion boxes and mattresses made of hexagonal double twisted wire mesh provide adequate strength to the structure to withstand forces generated
by retained earth and flowing water.

The flexibility of the double twisted hexagonal mesh helps in withstanding differential settlement without fracturing the structure particularly
when a structure is installed on unstable and uneven ground or in an area where scours from waves or current can undermine etc.

The permeable nature of the gabion eliminates build up of hydrostatic pressure behind the retaining structure and also uplifts caused by turbulent flows.
Hence the thickness of the required structure is significantly reduced.

Gabion structures are heavy monolithic gravity units able to withstand earth's thrust. It's efficiency increases instead of decreasing with age
since further consolidation takes place as silt and soil collect on the voids and vegetation establishes itself.

The gabion boxes and mattresses are more cost effective and efficient structures compared to any other rigid structures for similar function.

  • Gabion can be installed on a reasonably plain surface, does not require heavy foundation preparations.
  • Does not require skilled labour due to its simple construction and assembly at site.
  • Does not require any permanent drainage system.
  • Ease of handling of large elements results in substantial increase in speed of construction, accelerating completion dates.

Gabion structures permit the growth of vegetation and maintain the existing environment.

Why Saudagar Gabions?
Gabion structures permit the growth of vegetation and maintain the existing environment.

  • High Quality Product by the specialist in the wire Industry since many decades.
  • Wide range of Box sizes to meet the exact requirement.
  • Early delivery
  • Less freight anywhere in country as factory is located centrally in our country.
  • Procure best raw material in the country.
  • Use all indigenous material.
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